Stay in school kids, it might save you from public humiliation

If you know that 12 donuts equal a dozen, congratulations, you have the math level of a 3rd grader! Sadly that doesn’t apply to everyone.

On February 15th, a TikTok was posted by user princess__natt showing a women, a ‘Karen’ if you will, publicly screaming at a Dunkin’ Donuts employee for giving her 12 donuts after she had ordered a dozen.  If you are confused as to why the lady is mad at the employee, you may also have common sense on top of a 3rd grade education.


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♬ original sound – Natalie Michael

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The women in the video was determined that 50 donuts equaled a dozen. The ‘Karen’ standing at the Dunkin’ counter, loudly exclaimed to the employee “I NEED MORE!” She continues to make a public scene by screaming  “NOT 12, 50.. FIVE ZERO!”


Reply to @thinkrealm Karen and her “dozen” munchkins Part II #publicfreakouts #publickarens #dunkin #karen #fyp #part2

♬ original sound – Natalie Michael

In a second TikTok posted, we see the women go so far to make a remark on if the employee can speak English. Seems like not only a racist jab, but ironic considering her lack of knowledge in basic counting.

Thousands of comments came pouring in over the situation shortly after the video was posted. Many people came quick to defend the employee who was being scrutinized by the women.

A user retaliated against the women’s unnecessary question by saying, “Their English is perfectly fine, and they are intelligent enough to know that a dozen equals 12….!”

One user jokingly said “A bakers dozen is 13. 50 must be a Karen’s dozen.”

Nonetheless, we should shine a light on the employee who was dragged into the altercation. Not once did they raise their voice at the women, no matter how ridiculous she was being towards them. There goes to show the patience that our customer service workers have to have in order to be professional at their jobs.