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Throwing tantrums aren't only for 3 year-olds. Anti-Maskers are bringing them to a store near you.

Anti-maskers have many reasons why they think they shouldn’t wear a mask, but one prominent one is that they think masks are violating their freedom. This has been a strong belief within the anti-masker community, as if somehow, having empathy for others is infringing on freedom. 

A video went viral recently of two women being kicked out of a town meeting for not wearing masks.

At this said meeting, there was a discussion about a mask mandate, and they were not happy with it-to say the least. One woman started to make a scene about the mask mandate at hand. She became hysterical and aggressive about the issue. This called for a police officer went to escort her out.  he then started yelling at the officer threatening that he had no right to touch her and that he was violating her by escorting her. 

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Another anti-mask “Karen” joined in at the town meeting once the woman had left. While walking out she yelled to the participants of the meeting that masks are taking away their freedom. She claimed that it was against her constitutional rights to be forced to wear a mask. 

Wear a Mask

You need to wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19, because we are still in a deadly pandemic. The U.S. has about 4% of the world’s population and 25% of Coronavirus cases. Even if you do not think you have coronavirus, you could still have it, be asymptomatic and be spread it to other people unknowingly. As many as 40% of people infected with the coronavirus do not show any symptoms or have such mild symptoms that it would never have occurred to them that they have COVID-19. 

Even if you do not have a ‘bad’ case of it, it could be fatal to the next person who gets it from underlying health issues.

Moral of the story: Wear your mask! It protects you and others from COVID-19, and make sure you are wearing it over your mouth AND nose. Wash your hands, socially distance and limit your exposure to others. 

Anti-Masker Throws Tantrum

Those women aren’t the only ones saying that masks are taking away people’s “freedoms.” Men who act out in tantrum episodes have now been coined, “Kevins.” Another video went viral recently of a man not wearing a mask refusing to leave a Subway when asked to. He screams about his freedom to not wear a mask, while getting upset when the employee replies that she has a right to refuse service to the man. She kindly asks him to either put on a mask or leave the establishment, but alas, the man refuses. Instead, he throws a tantrum. 

Another twitter points out that is, literally, ten minutes of his life.

While being asked nicely, the man yelled that he wasn’t allowed to be kicked out of the store because they were pushing their beliefs on him. I guess he is not aware that private businesses are allowed to implement rules to protect their employees and other customers. 

Another Twitter user said, “What an idiot. I don’t care for wearing a mask either but I do it out of respect for the people I come in contact with. I think he may have been a little hangry too which didn’t help the situation. The Subway employee deserves a raise for her behavior.”

The behavior is very familiar of other anti-maskers being escorted, and arrested for not following simple rules like the mom that was tased and arrested at a high school football game after refusing to wear a mask and resisting arrest. 

This is a kind reminder that caring about other people cost absolutely ~nothing~, especially retail employees that have to work with people in a pandemic to survive.