Kelsey Grammer Hears The Blues A-Calling, Teases Frasier Remake

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The internet, having quickly played out its illicit love affair with ironic Seinfeld Twitter Accounts has moved on to its latest love — Frasier! A love of Frasier has decorated the halls of Twitter, and most of it only half ironic (an unbelievable low in internet affection numbers!), so it goes without saying that the news. The news that Kelsey Grammar heard the blues a-calling, and what were they offering? Tossed salad? Scrambled eggs? Baby I See A Bit Confused But Honey I Got You Pegged? Very close! Kelsey Grammar is currently putting together the pieces for a goldarned Frasier reboot.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Kelsey Grammar is currently meeting with writers to work out a concept for the return of his beloved Seattle psychiatrist, Frasier Crane. Although it feels like the answer should simply be “Frasier back in Seattle folks, and it looks like Niles has run afoul of his local wine seller” or something of the sort, time and human events have made these kind of easy plug ins more difficult. John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s father Martin Crane, passed away earlier this year. Mahoney was Frasier’s third co-star and straight man anchor, and writing a life for Frasier after the death of his father could prove for a very emotionally fulfilling and unique program.

Just please, please, please don’t let Frasier give his opinion on Trump like a certain other sitcom reboot did. Make that weird pervy sportscaster the head of the station and leave it at that if you want to address current events.

The original Frasier ran NBC from 1993 t0 2004, for 11 seasons, and was itself a reboot of Cheers where Frasier was friends with Ted Danson. This Frasier is, to put it politely, not the first reboot from the 80’s and 90’s. This is all following the returns — either announced or produced — of Roseanne, The Rugrats, Full House, Animaniacs, Thundercats, Will and Grace, Clarissa Explains It All, Double Dae, and doubtelessly countless others that I just didn’t feel like checking for.

And my favorite Invader Zim gets a measly movie!? Insult. I will not rest until Invader Zim crosses over with Frasier and Frasier murders Zim. Will. Not. Rest.

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