Kevin Spacey Drops Worst Tweet: Defending Against Assault Charges As Frank Underwood

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Look. There’s no way to dress this up. It really is as close to the opposite of a Christmas miracle as you could imaginably get. But the facts are the facts: serial sex criminal and unemployable actor Kevin Spacey has posted a video responding to his near constant and overwhelming sexual assault allegations in character as Frank Underwood. Oh you know, the fake President from House of Cards that he liked to play? Yeah, thank Frank Underwood. Just to get this out of the way, this isn’t produced by Netflix or the show runners or anything, and the show is very much over. You can watch this monstrosity above.

This is just a man who thinks we like House of Cards more than we hate rape. I don’t like House of Cards more than I hate certain new Sonic games, so he is absolutely out of luck there. But there he is, as Frank Underwood, shot with the creepy soft focus you get from a man who has to hire his best pro assault nephew or something to shoot him, gaslighting us. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood says we were okay with certain crimes, and the ones we were okay with, he claims there is no evidence. it’s insane.

One of the weirdest parts of the video however comes at the end when Kevin Spacey points out that Frank Underwood was never seen dead, trying to make the video he produced exonerating him in the public eye for— again— trying to rape young teenagers — a canonical part of the House of Cards mythos.

Guys. If a character I created was used without my permission to exonerate a serial sex criminal, well. I guess I’d go crazy. No response from series creator Beau Willman yet, but I’m sure something is coming. That guy is pretty outspoken.


Far be it from us to link you to a massive creep’s Tweet where he plays an old character, like when Bryan Cranston pretends to be Walter White in a medicine commercial or something, but here we go.

Great. Fantastic. Thank you Kevin Spacey for letting us all see just how deep in denial you are. For the “no evidence”, something a lot of guys who’ve done what Spacey has done have said, Anthony Rapp’s testimony is pretty damning. That, and this is seen as a response to him facing an arraignment for a sexual assault on a man in Massachusetts in June 2016. THe arraignment is set to take place in January 2019.

This video is set to be weird and awful… now.

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