Kevin Spacey’s New Movie Made Just $126 On Opening Day

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There’s still some question as to what the long term effects of the #MeToo movement are going to be. In a movement that began with a take no prisoners wave of outing harassers, we are now seeing some of the harassers and abusers– from Chris Hardwick returning to The Talking Dead, despite the abuse allegations against him, to Les Moonves seeming like he’s not going anywhere despite the Ronan Farrow article accusing him of ruining the careers of women who wouldn’t sleep with him — staying right where they want to be. This is usually at the behest of studios’ weird internal review processes which include the kind of investigations that seem to, in Hardwick’s case, not even have interviewed the victim. The public though? Well, they may be a little less forgiving than those who profit off the stars, which is one of the many factors that got Kevin Spacey’s latest movie a box office draw of around $618.

That’s right. A few hundred less than what most of us pay in rent.

The movie is the unfortunately titled, considering what Kevin Spacey is now known for, Billionaire Boys Club. The movie was shot years ago and was one of the many films tied up in the fact that one of its stars, Kevin Spacey obviously, was accused of multiple counts of sexual assault. The film was released quietly, and released at all out of a stated respect for the cast and crew who worked on the movie, in all of eleven theaters, none of which were in LA or New York. On Friday, the movie made a mere $126 dollars.

Pretty, pretty, pretty bad.

Now, of course a movie that opened up in eleven theaters was never going to make a ton, but just $126 for one day!? Was one of those theaters just empty and the rest had one person in it!? Jeez!  I mean, it would have had a wide release, if Kevin Spacey didn’t uhh… attack teenagers. Oh well. I’m sure that $126 will pay off one hour of craft services. For now, all we can do is enjoy the schadenfreude.

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