Key and Peele Star in Toy Story 4 Teaser as Ducky and Bunny

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Yesterday was an amazing little moment when it came to some long gestating nerd friendly projects. We got both a trailer for Poke’mon Detective Pikachu and a trailer for Toy Story 4 introducing Forky. Well now, we have a little more treats from Toy Story 4, and what a treat it is. Academy Award Winner Jordan Peele and Key and Peele co-creator Keegan Michael Key starred in a Pixar released teaser where Peele — as a bunny named Bunny, and Key — as a duck named Ducky — get as excited for Toy Story 4 as Key and Peele’s valet characters got for Liam Neeson movies.

The start of the trailer is incredible, but when it goes into the duck and the bear trying to figure out wether or not Buzz said “To Infinity and Beyond” or “To Infinity and Your Mom” we get a special little cameo from Woody and Buzz trying to correct the characters– something of which they absolutely do not care for! Aren’t they star struck that the stars of the movies they so love– that in their world are fictional– are right here trying to pedantically explain Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase?! I mean, I guess not.

Shortly after the teaser dropped, Key and Peele’s roles as Bunny and Ducky were added to IMDb, and looking at the setting they’re in, it looks like the roles of carnival toys are set to be explored, along with the roles toys made by children. Non conventional toys are ebing given the spotlight. It makes me wonder — what others toys are to be explored? Are paper dolls real? What about Amiibos? Do statues come to life? Probably not classic statue, but if it’s one of those collectible statues of Spider-Man or whatever, it’s got to be worth for something, right?

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