Kiki Challenge FAILS – How You Can Get Hurt Doing The #InMyFeelingsChallenge

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The dance challenge of the summer is the ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge, but with so many people doing it, it’s inevitable that some people are getting hurt. By cars. They are getting hit by cars.

So after Shiggy uploaded this dance to his social media the day Drake’s album “Scorpion” came out, everyone started doing it. Literally hundreds of thousands of videos have been posted to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, of people copying the dance.

But the trend evolved, as they so often do, into doing the dance in the street in front of a slowly moving car.

Fun! But, also, dangerous.

That guy who got hit by the car, Jaylen Norwood, said it was planned, although he had originally wanted to jump on top of the car, as it passed. Seems his buddy was driving a little too fast.

But Jaylen says it was all worth it. After all, he got to go on Jimmy Kimmel a few days after his video went viral to talk about it.


Okay, so you might get famous, but you could also get seriously freaking hurt! In recent weeks, police around the country have been urging people not to jump out of moving cars to try the challenge. Police in Yorktown, New York, have actually said they will charge people with a crime if they see this happening.

And then there’s 18-year-old Anna Worden, who spent days in the ICU after attempting the challenge.

Anna suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding in her brain. She’s walking under her own power again, but she’s lucky to be alive. Even Anna’s dance instructor, who’s known her since she was a toddler, is urging people to be careful before attempting the challenge.

And the issues aren’t limited to just the U.S. either.

Authorities in the Philippines have issued a warning saying they’ll ticket anyone they see jumping out of a moving car to attempt the challenge, and police in Saudi Arabia arrested a woman for doing the challenge hours after posting her video to social media.

Although, since this is Saudi Arabia, they charged her with wearing explicit clothing and dancing in public.


Okay, so you can get ticketed by police, you can get seriously hurt, but that’s about the worst that can happen, right? Well, almost. There’s this lady who dropped her purse while doing the challenge and had it stolen by two guys on a motorcycle.

Shiggy is encouraging people to be safe while doing the challenge – preferably not outside of a moving car. But Drake’s new video for the song prominently features the dance, and he even shows a bunch of the most famous viral versions of it for the end credits.

The video even includes a brief clip of a guy getting hurt doing the dance outside of a moving car. Heck yeah, Drake! We love danger, now! Thank you, Drake!

What do you guys think? Is the Kiki Challenge a legit public health crisis? Or should people just take a few simple precautions before trying it out. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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