Lady Gaga Apologizes For Recording “Do What U Want” With R. Kelly

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After years of ignoring the constant sex crimes and rampant abuse of R+B singer R. Kelly (we wrote about his sex cult last year, you can read it here), the release of dream hampton’s documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” has brought it all to the forefront. Now Georgia has opened up a case against the abusive rapist who destroyed the lives of so many teen girls he’s kept in his home, torn from their families, and the mea culpas from artists who’ve worked with him are coming forward quickly, and a big one that has recently emerged has been one with Lady Gaga.

Only 11 years after R. Kelly was caught in a videotaped sex act with a child (the famous tape where he was caught peeing on a fourteen year old victim), Lady Gaga released a song titled “Do What U Want (With My Body)” on her 2013 album Art Pop, with R. Kelly singing along with it. The song was meant to be provocative, but today it’s ultimately considered to not just be in bad taste, but condoning R. Kelly’s constant acts of rape and abuse.

Lady Gaga seems to agree.

In recent years, in light of the #MeToo movement, the singer and actress has opened up about her own experiences dealing with abusive men in and out of the industry, and the star wrote a note on Twitter that apologizes for working with R. Kelly on the song, explaining her thinking regarding it (crediting the dark place she was in with dealing with her own abuse as the reason for it), and how the song is set to be pulled from all digital releases of Artpop, including iTunes and Spotify. You can read the note below.

Chance the Rapper has been another artist who has apologized for his ignoring of the stories surrounding R. Kelly, in a statement which can be read in the Tweet below:


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