Dramatic boot season for Gaga!

Lady Gaga joined Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for at drive-in campaign rally on Monday night before the elections. The rally took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From giving a speech to singing, Gaga wouldn’t be Gaga without a wardrobe change. For her speech she wore an edgy black pants suit, or we should say power suit. The suit was designed by Alexander McQueen. She wore it with a black halter top adding some pop to it with a bow. Nothing too dramatic here but did you all take a look at her shoes? 

From wearing a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to stripping off her fuchsia gown into her bra at the 2019 Met Gala, Gaga never makes herself hard to spot. Gaga is known for her outrageous and dramatic outfits, always wanting to catch everyone’s eye. She did so at Biden’s rally by wearing black sky high platform booties. Only Gaga could walk in 11 inch heels. Gaga was ready to end everyone’s careers.

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Twitter went wild from seeing her booties. As she stands next to Biden’s grandchildren, she happens to be the same height as them. Perks of being short? Wearing the highest heels as possible without looking extremely tall.

Going through a pandemic, Gaga makes a statement as she takes precautions. Gaga added sparkle to her outfit as she wears her “VOTE” face mask. Michael NGO, celebrity fashion designer, helped Gaga take precautions in style. The face mask is now available on his websiteFor her on-stage speech, she had exchanged her mask for a denim one, made from Levi’s 501 Jeans. This face mask was also made by NGO called VOTE x Crystal Denim Mask.

In addition to Gaga’s denim face mask, she paired it with a long sleeved dark denim midi dress that tied around the waist. Gaga kicked of her outrageous sky high booties and slipped into some less dramatic booties as she takes the stage for her speech. Lastly, Gaga ended the night wearing a white sweatshirt featuring Biden inside the outline of a heart.  Gaga being the free spirit she is, found time for some celebration.

Aside from Gaga’s outfits, there were performances from Lady Gaga of course and John Legend. John Legend took the stage at Biden’s rally on Monday supporting the democratic party. Legend also made a speech after his performance and had his family join him. In fact, it was the first time his wife Chrissy Teigen made a public appearance after her miscarriage. Therefore, Legend took advantage of having his family on stage with him and sang the song he had dedicated to his wife called Never Break.

Legend dedicated this song to his wife after suffering through a recent miscarriage. “I wrote this song as a tribute to our relationship and the fact that love can get us through all kinds of tough times,” Legend said. “And we know that the whole nation is going through tough times right now. We know that Joe Biden has personally experienced so much tragedy.” To conclude Legend’s support for the democratic party he later performed with American rapper, Common. 

There was a bit of beef before the campaign event between Gaga and President Trump. But Gaga showed no sign of being rattled as she hyped up the crowd with her powerful speech about the 2020 elections. We all know who she believes in… Biden. “This is your vote, I know you’ve seen the polls the record number of early and mail in votes,” Gaga says encouraging people to vote. “It’s tempting to feel comfortable and confident and sit back.”

Gaga went off the deep end to sing “Shallow” from her movie A Star is Born, reminding the crowd who she wanted to them to vote for.  In addition, she also took a trip down memory lane when she lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney. Gaga sang “You & I” shouting out to her new “Pennsylvania guy” Joe. Gaga concluded, “America, I love you! I’ll pray for you tomorrow! Let’s win this. Pennsylvania go blue!” Gaga’s performance is seen at 1:24:10 on the video down below.


We hope you enjoyed watching all the performances at the campaign events and are doing your best to keep calm during this period of uncertainty.