Laid Off Buzzfeed Writer Creates Hilarious, Biting Quiz

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Look. Never trust anyone who says you don’t need a union. Most likely it means they don’t want anything standing in the way of their impending, shady as hell, business decisions. Case in point, Jonah Perretti’s laying off of 15% of his workforce at Buzzfeed. The layoffs — at Buzzfeed and Huffpost, resulted in the layoffs of over 1,000 people between the two companies, and Buzzfeed has made the absolutely disgusting decision that, outside of California, where it’s state law to pay out for paid time off worked, you know, the accumulated time the employee worked for the company on days he should have been resting on, PTO will not be paid. The bitterness over the layoffs, and the, frankly inhumane, PTO policy is virulent. So much so that people are speaking out against Perretti in the company slack, and one laid off Buzzfeed staffer went rogue, and in the Buzzfeed community boards made a quiz, hosted on, reflecting his anger at the terrible workplace conditions, titled “Do You Still Have A Job At BuzzFeed?”, which you can take for yourself here.

It is fantastic.

The questions, written by Jason Sweeten, whose earliest Buzzfeed credit goes back to 2012, uploaded the quiz a few hours ago and, as of noon on Monday, the quiz is still uploaded on the site, sitting there, mocking any Buzzfeed exec who takes a look at it. Questions include “How many years have you worked at Buzzfeed?”, and includes the answer “I remember when our holiday bonus was a drawing of a cat, and the CEO presented it as an investment”, and to the question, “Remember all that free Chibroni”, the answer “Once I was so burnout that I sobbed in my HR representative’s office. She hugged me and said everything would be okay. We were going to work out a plan, but then she stopped responding to my emails.” is the only correct one.

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