Let Us Salute Bachelor’s Sloth Girl, Alex D.

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Thirteen seasons into a reality show, it’s hard to discover too many surprises. Sure, the new bachelor on The Bachelor, Colton, is a virgin, which is certainly interesting, but look, we were all virgins at some point. But were any of us ever sloths? Color me impressed with that! Alex D., from Boston, MA, who was submitted on the show by a friend of hers certainly made the most of her ironic listing by writing down her occupation as “Sloth”. Delightful, and even more so when she entered meeting Colton dressed as a Sloth.

In the kingdom of interchangeable seeming traditionally beautiful people, and one villain, Alex D’s sloth girl make up certainly was one of the more interesting and odd things that we saw on the show. Alex D. moved slowly, she would climb up in trees like a sloth, and when she finally met Colton, taking off her costume to reveal a beautiful woman, she was mostly annoyed by him. Now that is a reality show contestant I can absolutely get into. Who hasn’t been on a bad date where your glorious, charming, spectacularly unique self is wasted on a dull bro in an empty suit. Yeesh.


In the end, Alex D. was not given a rose, as the usual stable of beautiful but kind of bland women were chosen by a beautiful but kind of bland man. But the effect that Alex D. had on fans, is inescapable. If you can’t relate to the biggest weirdo in the room, then re-evaluate what you’re doing! The stars of this show are the villain Caitlin and Alex D., whose life on the show was brief, but like a sloth, it will be hard to get her to leave our minds quickly.


Thank you, Sloth Girl, thank you.

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