Having an affair comes with consequences

Lily James and Dominic West were caught having an affair earlier and Rome was not happy. West and James had recently been accused of having an affair. West being married to Catherine FitzGerald for ten years and having an affair with James was all over the internet. FitzGerald was obviously devastated and heartbroken from seeing all the reports about the affair. 

Actors were seen kissing by paparazzi. People were saying on Twitter how the affair was all an act…

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…especially since West is playing Prince Charles in Netflix series The Crown.  

West and James have been in the making of the show The Pursuit of Love. Their kiss occurred at the end of having lunch with their friend and manager, Angharad. On October 11, West and James had a lovely time exploring Rome on a shared electric scooter. Photos were captured of them being affectionate. One where West is kissing James neck and another where he caresses her head. So much fun and love for getting in trouble. 

Due to COVID-19, Italy’s laws have adjusted a bit and are strict when riding an electric scooter around. It is forbidden to ride an electric scooter in pairs to prevent spreading COVID-19. Councilor Stefano Marin told The Sun “You are supposed to maintain social distance and riding tandem on a scooter is not keeping social distance. Now we have been made aware of this, we shall be investigating. The law is equal for all.”

Both stars are being charged with a fine for breaking the law as they roam through Rome. It is still unsure exactly how much the fine is but The Sun did mention it might be around 200 euros. 

Is the whole affair drama real? Or is it publicity stunt?

West and FitzGerald have three children together. One day after the photos of the affair were released West and FitzGerald told reporters that their marriage is strong, happy and they remain together.

The couple also left a little note behind, leaving people a little message.

As for James, she hasn’t made a comment about the whole situation. “She’s mortified and embarrassed by the entire thing,” a close source of James said. “She was shocked when she saw the photos and his story that he is happily married. She wants it all to go away and is just laying low hoping it will pass quickly.” She also canceled many appearances to promote the Netflix movies she stars in, Rebecca.

The Netflix movie Rebecca is based on the 20th-century novel. Lily James plays the second Mrs. de Winter alongside her Maxim de Winter husband who is played by Armie Hammer. Mr. de Winter is a mysterious widower with secrets kept from his wife including the death of his first wife. Of course there’s always a creepy housekeeper involved. In this case it’s Mrs. Danvers who is played by Kristin Scott Thomas. Mrs. Darner is out to get the new Mrs. de Winter and manages to do so.

James and Hammer have a steamy relationship in the movie and there are conspiracies they do as well in real life. Hammer and his wife of 10 years Elizabeth Chambers announced during the summer that they were getting a divorce. Daily Mail reported what led to their divorce. Chambers found “passionate” messages from a mysterious woman Adeline on Hammer’s phone. Turns out the flirty texts were from James. No one is ever going to want to find that on their partner’s phone. 

Although it wasn’t confirmed that mysterious Adeline was James, sources say that James would use for call sheets during the making of the movie Rebecca, according to The Cut.

We’re all for James’ and Hammer’s relationship in the movie but in real life hmm… doesn’t seem right. Sure seems like James has a thing for her co-stars, I mean who would blame her. 

Mr. and Mrs. de Winter were getting close. Wink wink. Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off Mr. de Winter either while watching Rebecca.

As far from the steamy scandal, people had mixed feeling towards the movie. Viewers thought James’ acting was bad and overall they were left disappointed and confused with how the movie ended.

It left viewers wanting more from the movie. Others thought the movie was just fine and loved it.

Hammer’s chemistry was the magic touch to the movie as viewers would like to say. Only James’ could confirm that comment or not.