The Dirty Heads Perform ‘Spread Too Thin’ LIVE on What’s Trending

  • The Dirty Heads, self-described as a Reggae rock band based out of Orange County, stopped by the What’s Trending studios to chat about their music and perform the single “Spread Too Thin” off their new album “Cabin By the Sea.”

    Jared “Dirty J” Watson revealed that “Cabin By the Sea” came from a lullaby that Duddy (a.k.a. Dustin Bushnell) was writing for his daughter. The guitar lick grew into the idea for the album and title track, eventually encompassing the whole theme of what they wanted to convey.

    “[It’s] about somewhere that you can put the album on and press play and it can take you somewhere else…out of everyday life,” Watson said.

    They spoke a little bit about the Reggae inspiration in their music. And it’s not Reggaeton, we confirmed, rather, Reggae tones.

    The Dirty Heads also made the brave choice of premiering their newest album on Spotify. So, why not traditional route?

    Watson said he heard from a lot of people who would buy full albums only after they got a first listen on Spotify. “I think Spotify’s just a cool thing — it’s like Pandora and iTunes put together because it’s really playlist oriented…It was just a good way for us to get the music out to a lot of people before they can go purchase it.”

    In fact, they’re all pretty immersed in the digital world and social media.

    Look out for their upcoming tour with Matisyahu and check out their brand new album on Spotify and iTunes.

    Also head to The Dirty Heads’ websiteFacebook page, and follow them on Twitter!