Liza Koshy’s New Show Liza on Demand Biggest YouTube Red Hit

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Born-ready comedian, Liza Koshy, introduces new show, Liza on Demand, to YouTube Red which has become a big hit amongst users of the video sharing site.

Liza Koshy is known for her hilarious videos and quick wit, and now the little brown girl has finally gotten her own show. Liza on Demand features Liza, who plays herself, along her two roommates, Oliver (Travis Coles) and Harlow (Kimiko Glenn). The three embark on their everyday routines, in the lives of 20-something year olds, as they try to find their way in life. Unfortunately, for Liza, she hasn’t quite figured everything out.

Liza is a 23-year-old girl, living in Los Angeles, trying to find her way in life. She partakes in many activities during the day to earn some dollar, but she has a true awakening when she realises that she’s good at doing odd jobs for different people. ‘Task It’ becomes Liza’s best friend, and she relies on the app every day in order to make a living, However, the app does not only become Liza’s career, but also a competition, as she races to achieve ‘Elite’ status on the app, so that she can begin gaining the big bucks. Although the show feel like a combination between The Office and Keeping Up with The Kardashians, due to the many mistakes and eye-to-eye contact with the camera at the most ridiculous times, it offers something that many other shows don’t: a sense of reality.

Many shows today feature some very unrealistic aspects, and it can be hard to really settle into a show where you can only imagine what it must really be like. But with Liza on Demand, you know exactly what she’s going through, and all the trials and tribulations that she faces day-to-day is a reminder of your week. It’s down to earth and just absolutely hilarious.

People all over Twitter have been raving about how much they love the show, and how they have set their calendars ready for Wednesday every week, so that they don’t miss the airing of a new episode.


You know it’s real love when you give up sleep and spend $15.99 a month, just so you can watch a 20-minute episode a week. Liza has once again captured the hearts of us all, and she really is taking over the social media like a queen. Kudos, Liza!

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