Lizzo Calls Out Body Shamers and Racists Amid #BlackLivesMatter

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One of our favorite empowered women, Lizzo, has taken to social media to clap back on body shamers who use her as Hollywood’s token plus size celebrity and to amplify voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. She is no stranger to talking about pressing issues, and this week she used her platform to discuss these issues.

The singer took to TikTok to call out people who insult her for her plus size body type, saying, “if everytime you see a big girl on this app loving on herself, and putting herself out there and being confident and loving her body… you think of me, or you think she looks like me, that is a compliment.”

Lizzo has always been one to embrace her body and promote body positivity, and Twitter was quick to celebrate Lizzo’s response to the haters. One person tweeted, “Everything Lizzo said in her Tik Tok is 100% spot on. She is a beautiful, strong, talented, and intelligent woman. Body size is not a determinant of health.”

Lizzo also posted a TikTok in response to people who tell her she needs to work out more. She said, “I’ve been working out consistently for the past five years and it may come as a surprise to some of y’all that I’m not working out to have your ideal body type, I’m working out to have my ideal body type” and she ended in clap back fashion with, “Namaste, have a good day.”

Fans of the singer have always praised her for her body positivity messages and her ability to advocate for pressing issues, which we have seen on full display lately with her take on the Black Lives Matter movement. The subject that hits very close to home for her as she is from Minnesota, the state in which George Floyd was killed.

She has taken part in the protests in LA and earlier this week she hopped on Instagram Live to talk with Black Visions Collective, the Minnesota based organization that empowers Black queer and transgender people. She continues to use her Instagram account to spread information and resources for the movement.

Lizzo is one of many stars using their social media platforms to give her opinion on the Black Lives Matter protests and boost Black voices, and for that, she stays winning in our book. What do you think? Let us know with a comment or tweet!


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