Man Yells at Employees for Enforcing Mask Policy

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A man refused to wear a mask in his local grocery store and when he was denied service, it became a full blown ‘Karen moment’.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, cases are spiking, it doesn’t look like we will be back  to normal anytime soon – and yet people seem to be incapable of wearing a mask.

A few weeks ago we covered a woman trashing a Target when the company encouraged all customers to buy and wear a mask, and a Canadian Karen berated hospital workers when they asked her to wear one. Now we have this man in what appears to be a Whole Foods, who refused to leave when told to put on a mask. He kept asking to be rung up while the store manager told him he wouldn’t be served until he put on a face covering.

Apparently the man in the video is a frequent customer of this alleged Whole Foods, and he’s so angry at the mask policy because he claims their mask policy wasn’t always enforced. To this we just have to point out, states around the US are having increasing in their COVID cases and lots of regulations are being put in place to prevent the spread. It doesn’t seem crazy that the Whole Foods would  change their policy so quickly.

The man then goes on to call the Whole Foods a ‘Communist organization’ that he vows to expose to the world. Communism is defined as “a theory of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole” by Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, arguably the largest capitalism organization in the US where the CEO, Jeff Bezos, is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Jeff Bezos definitely isn’t sharing his wealth and property with all his employees let alone the entire country. It’s questionable if this really falls into the communist category. Maybe another insult would have been better here.

The video was originally posted to Reddit and two comments read:


The man in the video can also be heard telling the employees he has a medical condition that will make him stop breathing if he wears a mask, and therefore the store’s refusal to serve him is discrimination. This is a narrative we’re hearing a lot with people who refused to wear masks, they say it’s a medical condition and it’s “too difficult to breath” with it on.

Some people this summer were so determined not to wear a mask that they created fake ‘face mask exempt cards’ that claimed the American’s with Disabilities Act protected their decision and businesses who turned them away were breaking the law. These cards were quickly proved fake and the government does not currently protect the rights of people who don’t want to wear masks under disability protections.

Some argue this fake card and fake disability hurts those who are truly protected from discrimination. This could lead to a pattern of them being believed less frequently and can cause serious damage to the credibility of real discrimination protection.

One Reddit user had a great point about the mask refusal, they commented:


We don’t know this man or his health issues so we don’t want to assume anything about him and his refusal to wear a mask, but this is great point that there are other options out there to keep yourself and other protected.
As the Whole Foods employees pointed out in the video, there’s also ways to order groceries online and have them delivered to your front door. This way the man could continue to keep his mask off but wouldn’t be risking other people’s health.

There’s so many options out there to prevent you from needing to be this guy, so please, wear your mask or your shield or order online, just keep those around you safe so this pandemic ends sooner.

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