Marlena Stell is spilling tea from behind the scenes of the beauty community, including on Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. 
Marlena Stell is spilling tea from behind the scenes of the beauty community, including on Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. Marlena is a beauty influencer and the CEO of her own makeup line called Makeup Geek. She has over 1.4M subscribers, and has been on YouTube for over 10 years.
Marlena has had friendly relationships with other influencers like Manny MUA, Patrick Starr and Jaclyn Hill, who has recently come under fire for poorly produced lipsticks she released under her own makeup line. Jaclyn’s customers claimed their lipsticks were moldy and contained hairs, and Jaclyn denied these allegations, giving her own explanation for what went wrong with the product.
 Marlena was very vocal about the issues with Jaclyn’s response, and many felt like Marlena was trying to take Jaclyn down as revenge for some drama they had in the past. Emails between Marlena and Jaclyn were leaked revealing that the two had planned on releasing a collaboration palette through Makeup Geek in 2016.
 But because Jaclyn decided to start her own line, the timing didn’t work out and they cancelled their collab. Marlena is denying that’s the reason she’s speaking up.
Marlena revealed that she believes she knows which lab did this. While she was visiting the lab, she saw Jaclyn there and the rep confirmed they were working on Jaclyn’s lipsticks.
But Marlena didn’t just speak about Jaclyn, she also talked (indirectly) about James Charles. In 2018, Marlena uploaded a video talking about the issues she was seeing within the beauty community. And while she didn’t say any names, many beauty influencers were upset… including James.
Meanwhile, Marlena began working on a documentary with Netflix about the beauty industry and after she shared a small teaser, she got a letter from James Charles.
James tweeted, “this woman knows nothing about the industry other than blaming her bad business decisions and personal issues on influencers.  @Netflix This is absurd & I’d love to get in a room together to show you the non-bias outline I’ve already made on this subject that documents all sides”
A year later, Tati Westbrook uploaded a video titled “Bye Sister” sharing her experience with James Charles as well… though James did apologize and refute the claims she made in her video. 


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