Marvel Releasing Black Panther For Free For Black History Month

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It may have taken twenty movies to do so, but Marvel, under the direction of Kevin Feige, managed to squeeze out a bonafide classic on par with any of the action movies that came out of the 80’s, mixed with the exciting artistry that a movie that introduced Afro-Futurism — Black Panther. The movie was released in 2018 during Black History Month to success beyond that of any superhero movie, with record Box Office in the United States and a Best Picture Award nomination. Well, Marvel is thanking its fans, celebrating the movie’s celebration of blackness, and probably shoring up some press during the Academy’s voting season in the process, by presenting free screening of the movie during Black History month! So if you wanted to see this modern classic, and want to be reminded that it’s more than just another superhero movie, this screening may just be the ticket you need.

Black Panther will be playing in 250 screens for one week, starting tomorrow on February 1st. Disney will additionally be donating $1.5 million dollars to the United Negro College Fund which is… look, it’s a wonderful act towards the black community, and it’s wonderful to see it done so publicly.

Green Book can suck an egg.

We’ve covered Black Panther in the past, including this video of Chadwick Boseman surprising fans who talk about what the movie meant to them, or this video of a little kid re-enacting a climactic scene from Black Panther, with an impeccable Forrest Whittaker impression to boot. Or maybe you want to just celebrate the cameos of the late Black Panther co-creator Stan Lee, in which case, we wrote a nice little guide to those that you can peruse at your leisure.

Tell us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending if you’re going to be checking out this free screening, and check out our earlier story on Black Panther, in video form, below.

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