Maryland Capital Gazette Shooter In Custody

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Earlier today a gunman opened fire at the Capital Gazette in Maryland killing five and seriously injuring countless others. Police responded within a minute and a half of the shooter being reported on the premises and the shooter is currently in custody and not cooperating. The attack is considered to be the deadliest on American journalists in US History. An explosive was also found on the perpetrator. The perpetrator was a while male in his 20’s who mutilated his fingertips to avoid detection.

A member of the Capital Gazette — Phil Davis — was Tweeting his experience shortly after the attack.

While the suspect’s motives are yet unknown, many are afraid it could be the culmination of the president’s declaration of journalists as an enemy of the people. It comes only one day after white supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos called for people to gun down journalists on sight. Milo has since walked back the comments, but it’s clear he’s doing so because of the consequences of his actions and little else.


New York police has called added security to many of the journalist outlets in the area in case there are copycats and further attacks on the onset as a precautionary measure.

Many journalists began sharing their own run ins with harassment from people who threatened the, for the work that they did, and other journalists are saying that the people we once called trolls have to start being taken as serious terrorist threats.


Tom Marquand, an old editor for the Capital Gazette wrote on Facebook:

“I can’t even fathom with any degree of understanding what happened at my old newspaper today. The Capital, like all newspapers, angered people every day in its pursuit of the news. In my day, people protested by writing letters to the editor; today it’s through the barrel of a gun.”

We will see the government’s anti journalist rhetoric continues in light of this senseless, truly terrible tragedy.

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