Max Ehrich Accuses Demi Lovato of “Using Him” on Instagram Live

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Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Call It Quits

The world could not have been happier for Demi Lovato when she got engaged in July to her then fiance Max Ehrich. After the two had been quarantining together for months, they grew inseparably close and Lovato’s family suspected that their romance was the real deal at first.

However, their engagement and relationship came to an abrupt halt in late September after Lovato stopped ignoring red flags and warning signs. The news broke exclusively through People magazine on September 24, 2020. This came just weeks after the couple celebrated their six-month anniversary.  

Following the break-up, Lovato remained silent on the matter. On the other hand, Max Ehrich had a lot to say. He went as far as claiming that Lovato had never told him about the engagement being off and that he found out by reading the same article that was shared with the world. Ehrich explained to his followers that he felt blindsided. However, many were quick to call him out and question his story. 

Most recently, Ehrich took to Instagram live early this month to continue to make accusations against Demi. In the live, he claimed that she used him for publicity and reiterated that he learned about their split through a “tabloid.”


“It’s just the craziest thing. This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. Because no person deserves to feel this way,” Ehrich said on Instagram live. 

He also compared his situation to Pete Davidson and referenced “thank u, next” on more than one occasion.

Demi Lovato is allegedly very disappointed with how her now ex-fiance is handling the situation. E! revealed that Demi is beyond “embarrassed” by his behavior following their break-up. According to a source that opened up to E!, Lovato wants “nothing to do with” Max Ehrich after hearing he claimed he learned about their split through a tabloid and not from her directly.  

In his Instagram Live, Ehrich said: “Pete Davidson didn’t deserve to feel this way. Do you think he wrote that text to Mac Miller? Ha. Open your eyes. Calculated PR stunt, but my team is going to hate me for saying any of this.”


Friends and family close to Lovato apparently told her that Ehrich had bad intentions. This is after comments of his on other public figures’ social media pages were leaked for the world to see. He allegedly commented “my wife” on one of Ariana Grande’s past Instagram posts and “MARRY ME NOW” on one of Selena Gomez’s Instagram lives.

Following these comments and #MaxEhrichIsOverParty trending, Lovato took to her Instagram story to make a statement. She said: “It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU.”

It seemed as though she was going to stay with Ehrich through everything, but that was completely wrong.

After the Instagram live, fans accused Max Ehrich of “fake crying” and found it ironic that he claimed Demi was using him for more fame. Of course, Lovato’s millions of supporters have come to her defense and supported her online after their public break-up. However, some fans of Ehrich are taking his side.

Max ended his live video by saying: “I was in love. The whole world should f–king know it. I thought I found the real deal, now I found out that I was used. But I hope the song is number one, because you know what, if that’s what someone wants in the material world, here you go, you have it. I hope this makes you happy. Enjoy. You just lost someone who loved you fully, completely, infinitely, for everything.”

Following their dramatic and emotional break-up, Demi Lovato released a song titled “Still Have Me” which gives fans and listeners a bit of insight into how she was and still is feeling about all of this. 

Lovatics continue to stand by Demi’s side through the ups and downs of this relationship and many are hoping that the drama ends soon. 


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