Meghan Markle’s Father Gives Honest Post Wedding Interview

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The royal wedding highlighted both the best and worst of celebrity culture — an ornate eye on beautiful people and royalty that doubles as entertainment, mixed with a repugnant invasion of the privacy even remotely involved with the wedding of two royals. That’s what the paparazzi did with Thomas Markle. Piers Morgan interviewed the Meghan Markle’s father on Good Morning Britain, acting very much like he wasn’t a part of the problem. Let’s tune in.

From the entire thing, it sounds like Thomas Markle was overwhelmed by the gravity of the event. The first thing covered was his being caught working with the paparazzi, something that, apparently, even the paparazzi think is bad. Thomas Markle discussed how he felt embarrassed by the photos that the paparazzi was taking of him taking out the garbage and whatnot, and thinking that if he worked with them they would paint him in a more respectful light.

Thomas Markle also discussed the heart surgery that kept him away from the wedding, and how sad he was to not be a part of this momentous event, instead of being something akin to a footnote in a greater story. It’s all kind of sad, but also sweet and honest.

On the nicer side of things, Thomas Markle talked about first hearing about Prince Harry, in bits and pieces. First, hearing that she met a guy, then hearing he was British, and finally — he was Prince Harry! Thomas mentions that he never met Prince Harry, but spoke to him a few times over the phone. Thomas told him he was concerned about Trump, and Prince Harry asked Thomas to give Trump a chance, a sentiment that, Thomas mentions, he hopes the Prince feels differently about.


Also, let’s just mention — Piers Morgan is not the best interviewer. He begins the entire thing, an interview with a guy overwhelmed by all of this to the point of a heart attack, with a lot of questions that seem designed to make the guy feel awful, pointing out the different steps he would have taken, as Piers Morgan continues to fawn over Prince Harry, not reading the room of the guy around him.

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