Melania Trump Wears Deeply Offensive Jacket Ahead of Border Visit

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You know what, guys? I’m starting to think that Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ campaign may not have been the most sincere. I really actually think that — go figure!

Now, you may be asking, why would I think such a thing? Why would I speak such cruelties about your friend and mine, Melania Trump? Sure, her husband may have just had a disastrous week as he, with a bigoted, possible genocidal focus, destroyed the lives of countless families as he separated children from parents (possibly forever) with untold cruelty that the United States has not committed since the days of slavery or Japanese internment, but that’s her husband, not her. #FreeMelania!

Well, you are not going to believe this. Melania Trump? She did not ‘Be Best’ as she wore a jacket to her meeting with the immigrant’s children’s center in Texas that said: “I really don’t care. Do u?”

Folks, I think ‘u’ do care. I know I do.

The first lady, who has decided her career’s focus is going to be to get rid of bullying, someone who herself entered this country as an immigrant, apparently just decided to turn her bullying gaze towards children torn from their families, crying, at the order of her husband who once tried to ruin the career of comedian Kathy Griffin because he claimed his son may have seen the prop cartoon head she was holding.

The jacket, which is apparently a $39 last season Zara, according to CNN (who gives us all the reports on where hateful people got their terrible jackets), is a weird, cruel departure considering uhh… first ladies don’t really where clothes with slogans on them.


A spokesman said the jacket contains no hidden message as if the message already printed on it wasn’t the most disgusting thing a member of the first family has worn in recent memory. Disgusting.

It’s a terrible, cruel and empty thing to do from an empty human being who apparently doesn’t care what happens to children outside of her own family, to the point where she’s even insulted you would ever ask her to consider anyone outside of her and her family. The very gal! Don’t you guys understand being reminded of how much she hurts people offends her? Or, whatever — she doesn’t care. I mean, do u?

Parker Molloy, a journalist at Upworthy, after photoshopping different messages on the back of Melania garbage jacket, decided instead to do good with this disgusting news story.

Parker made the URL redirect to “” which allows you to give money to 14 groups which helps immigrants all at once. If Melania’s jacket disgusts you as much as it does us, we encourage you to donate.

Are you going to donate to immigrant groups? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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