#MelaniaHatesChristmas Trends On Twitter After White House Decorations Unveiled

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The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, shared a special virtual White House Christmas tour, featuring all the seasonal decorations. This year, the holiday theme in the big house is an homage to “America the Beautiful.” 

Of course, now that the Christmas decorations are all set up, the public can’t help but remember the first lady’s leaked conversation expressing frustration with having to deal with “Christmas stuff and decorations.” 

Leaked Private Conversation

Melania Trump was secretly recorded the summer of 2018, back when President Trump’s policy, the one that involved separating the children from families of those who illegally crossed the southern border, was the center of political attention. 

Mrs. Trump was secretly recorded by former friend and ex-East Wing staffer, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff after she had left the White House. In the conversation, Melania expresses frustration with being criticized for her husband’s policy while at the same time needing to perform traditional First Lady duties, such as preparing the White House for Christmas. 

She said, “they say I’m complicit. I’m the same like him, I support him. I don’t say enough, I don’t do enough where I am.” 

The secret tape was played exclusively on Anderson Cooper 360 this past October. The recorded conversations can be heard in full below. 


The comment about immigrant children being brought to this country by coyotes definitely caught people’s attention. But currently Twitter is bringing back her thoughts on Christmas. Specifically, decorating for Christmas.  


The iconic quote, “I’m working…my a** off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?” rings in everyone’s ears as Melania took to Twitter today to unveil the White House Christmas decorations. 

Twitter users put their talent to work, creating an updated decoration unveiling video pairing the leaked tape conversation with the original video. 



Other audio dubs include the following:

It’s pretty well known that she doesn’t like doing all the Christmas stuff, so why would they keep on making her do it? The shame. 

So many people brought up her Christmas quote that it inspired the hashtag #MelaniaHatesChristmas. 

But honestly, she probably really doesn’t care about any of this. 

While some people flamed her, others took the opportunity to show the First Lady some support. One user prided Melania for her great use of symbolism through her decorations.


But not everyone interpreted Melania’s symbolism as lively…

The winter holidays can be tough and some understand the First Lady’s pain of decorating. It can be tedious to decorate for holidays if that’s not your thing. 

If she wanted to embrace this as her brand, Melania could actually really capitalize on her lack of holiday spirit. This Twitter user is already brainstorming a Holiday album for all the grinches. 

She could even start a line of anti-holiday greeting cards! 

History Of White House Christmas Decorating 

In Melania’s defense, decorating for Christmas is a bit of an outdated First Lady tradition, and it’s one that has thoroughly evolved. For example, having Christmas trees in the White House wasn’t really a thing until President Harrison in 1889. He decorated his tree with candles, toys and ornaments. And it wasn’t until a few years later, in 1894 during Grover Cleveland’s presidency, that Christmas lights found their way into the White House for holiday decoration. Starting in 1939 with President Roosevelt, there was a big tree in the East Hall for visitors to admire. He also had a personal tree on the second floor. FDR had several Christmas traditions he kept during his time in the White House, including lighting the tree with real candles, reading aloud from A Christmas Carol, and a Christmas day church service.

From then, Christmas décor slowly became an integral part of holidays at the White House, but it was Jaqueline Kennedy who started the tradition of having a “Christmas Theme.” The first theme was inspired by her tree ornaments from “The Nutcracker Suite.” 

The tradition of decorating the official White House Tree became a First Lady duty during President Hoover’s administration in 1929. The way the First Lady decorates the tree always makes a statement. Nancy Reagan decorated with white lights and gold angel ornaments, Betty Ford and Lady Bird Johnson both adorned their trees with popcorn strings and paper chains, while First Lady Nixon opted for tinsel and glass ornaments.

Who knows if the First Lady actually dislikes Christmas? She might just have been over decorating when there are more pressing issues going on in the world, and who could blame her for that? Regardless of her feelings about Christmas or what she meant, we must hand it to Melania, the White House does look beautiful. 


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