Michael Jackson Impersonator Sang “Posthumous” Michael Jackson Releases, Sony Says

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Oh man, this is crazy, so everyone buckle up. Following the culture shaking death of Michael Jackson in 2009, Sony announced it would be releasing an album of unreleased songs titled “Michael”. The album would be of course posthumous, and would give fans of the singer a final chance to celebrate him. However, as Jackson’s family then alleged, three of the songs on the album were not in fact sung by Jackson, but by an impersonator. Sony denied the rumors for years, but today admitted that three songs on the album: “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Monster” in fact used a Michael Jackson sound alike named Jason Malachi.

The rumors have been circulating for years, with Malachi himself admitting to as much to in 2011, saying on Facebook, as reported by TMZ:

“Sheesh guys, I guess it’s time to confess. I’ve lied to many people, including someone today, but…. It was me. It was me who sang Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up, Monster and Stay. I had a agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag. Sorry to all my fans, and fellow Michael Jackson fans.”

Sony itself admitted that the tracks could have been not sung by the legendary musician before, but said they had a right to market it as such due to their belief that it came from the artist himself. This new report hints that… well, maybe they didn’t.

This act of faking posthumous Michael Jackson music is disgusting, but it’s not that new for studios to resurrect and artist for a couple of extra bucks. Remember the Tupac hologram? Or how about that Prince album about to be released? Let your heroes rest. Unless they’re like Mark Twain and go “please release this book 100 years after I died, but make it too heavy to read on the bus, thank you”.

Here are the three songs in question.


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