Michael Reeves’ Unholy Robot Elmo Sings Soviet Anthem

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Fools! You’ve turned your back on me, on the unholy God machine that is science, but science remembers! Science always remembers! And science is back with its latest unholy manifestation of the unseen id in robotic form: an Elmo that says whatever you want from the TV! Gaze upon me unholy Elmo! Your tickled Ultra-Laughs have been replaced by firework safety instructional and the Soviet anthem! The voice in the video, unseen, no doubt the work of the evil Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Wiley, Lex Luthor, or any other fictional super scientist calls the creature Comrade Elmo! And like several horrific Elmo prototypes before him, Comrade Elmo… speaks!

Elmo speaks fireworks advisory in the calming voice of a veteran news man, then Elmo bellows the Soviet Anthem! Who can stop Elmo!? None!

The Elmo robot belongs to one @michaelreeves08, a screen name probably referring to his real name and how many murderous Sesame Street bots he made (eight… although this is only conjecture based on the unholy amount of evil genius).

Michael Reeves teases… this isn’t even the final thing for the video! And indeed, looking through his YouTube channel filled with glorious videos of cool things he built, we know, we have not yet seen the last of… Comrade Elmo!

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