And everyone wants it!

Xbox Series X, the new $500 video game console from Microsoft, looks oddly like a refrigerator. The console is set to release in early November and the internet has taken full comedic advantage of the way it looks. After so many people commented on the similarities, Microsoft played along with the joke and made an actual fully functional refrigerator that looks like the console. 

Series X And S

The Series X is a next generation console, meaning that it will be better than the Xbox one console. The Series X marketing claims this console will be faster and have better graphics, with 4K capabilities. Also coming out with the Series X is the smallest video gaming console made by Xbox, the Series S. This console, looking a lot less like a refrigerator, is an all digital console. Games need to be purchased online, no disks involved. Because it is smaller, it will not be as fast as the Series X. 

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Similar to the PS5, the preorder for the Series X is sold out. Microsoft has yet to announce when there will be more inventory for more purchases to be made. 

The Fridge

The long awaited Series X gaming console is being released in just two weeks, and to celebrate, Microsoft has created a ‘Series X’ refrigerator. Upon the original announcement of the new console in 2019, gamers were quick to point out that the Series X looked like a fridge! Microsoft decided to run with the joke and made three Series X refrigerators. They gave one of the fridges to YouTuber tech and gaming guru iJustine, one to rapper Snoop Dogg, and the last will be raffled off to a lucky fan.

YouTuber Justine shows off her Series X fridge and gives a review of the two new consoles in her latest video. 

In her “unboxing” video, she squeals over how similar the fridge is to the gaming console. The attention to detail that went into creating this fridge are unmatched, from the lighting to the sound effects! 

Snoop Dogg also thoroughly enjoyed his Series X fridge. It looks like the perfect place to store all your gaming snacks and drinks, as Snoop Dogg shows. 

Microsoft has been marketing the Series X as the “fastest most powerful Xbox ever,” and now people are tweeting about how the Series X fridge must be the “fastest, most powerful fridge.” Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing, retweeted Justine’s unboxing tweet. Greenberg made his own joke by adding, “#Xbox and Chill.”

Xbox is hosting a raffle for one lucky fan to have a chance to win the third Series X fridge. 

To enter the sweepstakes, all you have to do is retweet the promotional post and use the hashtag “#XSXFridgeSweeps.” But only one retweet/entry per person! The actual Series X gaming console will be available for purchase on November 11th, along with the Series S.

The Inspiration And Reactions 

When Series X was announced, many gamers promptly pointed out the similarities between the console and a refrigerator. And thus, the fridge memes started. 

The Series X was announced December 12, 2019 at The 2019 Game Awards as well as with a trailer on YouTube. Microsoft confirmed that the fourth installment of the Xbox series of home video game consoles would be released around the holidays in 2020. According to Know Your Meme, once the design for the console was revealed to the public, that’s when the memes started. 

The Series X console was originally made fun of for it’s cube-like design. Some compared it to an image of Spongebob Squarepants.

Others compared it to a tower. 

But one meme that stood out was an image of a kitchen, with the console photoshopped in as the refrigerator. 

This one was arguably the most funny because it DOES actually look like a fridge. If you look at the meme on its’ own, without studying too hard, you might not notice that the fridge isn’t a fridge. The slick black rectangular design of the Series X look strikingly similar to a refrigerator found in a trendy young person’s kitchen. 

Gamers got such a kick out of the fridge memes, Microsoft just HAD to jump on the PR opportunity as it got closer to the release date. Gamers were happy to see Xbox embracing the memes about the new console. 

Other possible gaming devices gamers want to see turned into household appliances include: 

Are there any other gaming devices you think look like household appliances? Maybe you should start pitching them to Microsoft. Regardless, we hope you got your Series X purchase in before inventory sold out! Otherwise you can join us in relishing the fridge memes on the internet.