A docuseries titled Life With Lil Tay is premiering on July 13 on the new on-demand platform Zeus. But, it’s unlikely to shed any light on what she’s been up to since her Instagram went dark in early June. Our latest Trending Now explains why.

The mystery behind Lil Tay grows ever more confounding as a trailer for a new docuseries appears on her Instagram.

She first showed up online in late 2017 as Lil Gucci Tayler. Over the coming months, she rose to viral fame as Lil Tay, a foul-mouthed 9-year-old obsessed with status and wealth. Before you knew it, she was talking shit in Hollywood and hanging out with Chief Keef. She was also peripherally involved in the potentially-fabricated beef between Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Brigoli, the Cash Me Outside Girl.

But then, cracks started to appear in Lil Tay’s facade. er mom reportedly got fired from her real estate job in Vancouver after it was discovered that all those cars and houses Lil Tay was filming in really belonged to clients of the real estate agency.

Oh, you didn’t think she really owned all that stuff, did you?

And then Keemstar revealed video showing that Lil Tay was really being coached on what to say and how to act by her big brother Jason.

Lil Tay defended her actions on Good Morning America, claiming she runs all of her social media herself. But GMA’s Juju Chang believes there’s just a normal little kid under there. Within a few weeks of that appearance, all the content on Lil Tay’s Instagram account had been deleted, and a video appeared on WorldStarHipHop that appeared to show Lil Tay smoking hookah, something Jason appeared to confirm and approve of.

Then, after a month of silence, Lil Tay posted to her Instagram story a black screen with the words “Help Me” in tiny font.

It all seemed pretty dire. But then, with no news about her whereabouts or wellbeing, a new video appeared. It ws a trailer for a new docuseries on Lil Tay, following her pursuit of a dance and music career.

It was posted on Lil Tay’s Instagram with the caption: “Lil Tay is going through a lot troubles and the most difficult time in her life at the moment, but she has a show coming out on July 13. Which she had filmed before these events, but Lil Tay will be back soon.. ~ Lil Tays Management”


So, according to “Lil Tay’s Management” (i.e. probably Jason?), all this stuff was shot before June, when her social media went dark. Which means they’re either “rebranding” as Lil Tay and company would have you believe… or something else happened to make her not want to be online anymore.

And whatever that is is pure speculation.

Maybe her mom finally decided none of this was a good idea and pulled the plug. Maybe Lil Tay decided she wanted to be a little kid and she was tired of the online attention. Or maybe they still don’t have wifi set up at their new place. Who knows!

We may not get any answers from Life With Lil Tay, which premieres on July 13. Its launch corresponds with that of the on-demand network Zeus, started by influencers King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and DeStorm Power, but everything you see on that show, while illuminating, won’t speak to what she’s been up to over the last month.

Which is potentially really troubling. Since she is a 9 (or maybe 10 by this point) -year-old girl who’d probably be better off in school than pretending to own a Maserati.

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