NBA Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment

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This NBA season was incredible — it was pulse-pounding, it was glorious, Fergie sang the national anthem very badly, Joel Embiid wore a mask, LeBron James got meme’d after JR Smith made him mad, and James Harden Jr. continued to be a delight.

Folks, basketball is just great, and sensing this greatness, Bad Lip Reading thought for a hot moment and went… “What if the NBA was also very silly?” Enter their latest Bad Lip Reading video, covering the NBA! Do you want to hear Harden giggle joyfully, do you want to see people getting angry about Facebook etiquette? Do you want to see cheerleaders sing about their face? Well, I have absolutely amazing news — this video is perfect for you!

There’s also a guy who wonders if he still has his shirt on or not, and a guy who says huge in a silly voice. How many fights break out between weird dudes on the NBA court anyway? Well, there are a few here, and you’re not going to believe it. The things they’re worried about? Well, they are all quite silly.

Bad Lip Reading videos always stand out for their sense of absurdity. In the past, we’ve seen Yoda sing about seagulls, their take on the 2016 Presidential Debate and the Trump Inauguration. They’ve additionally covered the NFL, Stranger Things as a sitcom and had Trump sing about Christmas. Bad Lip Reading has given us so much good in the world. When there is an event we have seen 10,000 times, simply know that you will witness them saying ridiculously absurd things in the near future. Thank you, Bad Lip Readings.

What do you think though? Was your favorite NBA moment covered? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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