Disney Accidentally Puts Sex Hotline Number Into Captain Marvel Ad

[Nick Fury lifts his eye patch for his eye to hornily bug out]

Ah, the surreptitiously placed accidentally sexual reference in an otherwise piece of fine family entertainment. Disney seems to be the Kings and Queens of this. Wether it’s the penis in the background of The Little Mermaid’s VHS box, or the word sex written out in the clouds in The Lion King, or the edited out flashing of genitalia in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, Disney has always given us a little, completely unnecessary, flash of the filthy from some perverted freak out to get his jollies, or to show his employer that he freaking hates going to work. One of those. And now Disney has, along with so many of their 90’s nostalgic kicks, resurrected that wonderful feeling by accidental filth, by placing the phone number to a phone sex hotline in an ad for the upcoming Marvel and Bree Larson vehicle, Captain Marvel.

According to Boing Boing, the photo was discovered when placed into a screengrab attempting to encourage voting posted by Larson. The photo depicts Captain Marvel at a phone booth, with voting posters photoshopped behind her. However, it’s the phone number on the phone booth that seems to have captured peoples’ attention.

The number is a generic ABC produced number, and is used in a number of Disney shows. When dialed the number is supposed to lead you to a desk at ABC but well… I guess something went wrong, because when fans dialed it, they were met with the following message:

“Welcome to America’s hottest talk line. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you—press 1 now. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys, free, press 2 to connect free now.”

Whoops! So in Marvel continuity is the sex line just from that specific phone booth? I gotta say, I don’t think that’s particularly clean. You’d think the Marvel Universe, now that it’s been absolutely Disneyfied, would have a cleaner please for a sex phone operator than that.

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