Guy Plays Flappy Bird On An E-Cigarette

  • This is definitely one of those scenarios where the title says it all.

    Have you ever been smoking a cigarette and thinking, man, I really wish I could play a game on this thing rather than go through the effort of whipping my smartphone out of my pocket and playing a game on that? If you’re like most people, sure, probably not. But now you can do it anyway! Well, not on a regular cigarette. On an e-cigarette. And only if you’re this Polish guy who figured out how to make a customized version of Flappy Bird for his e-cig. But this guy made it happen! Which begs the question, are e-cigarettes the new up and coming gaming system? Will hookahs be the new Snapchat? Will the key to unlocking the next Facebook be found in a bottle of 1965 Pinot Noir? Stay tuned to the internet to find out!