Is McDonald’s Giving Away A Mario On The Toilet?

  • What do you think, should kids be playing with a Mario toy that looks like he’s taking a big poop or nah?

    Happy Meals in Japan and the UK just released a series of Happy Meal Toys to celebrate the new mobile app Super Mario Run. And look, the toys are fun. You got your Yoshi, your Luigi, your Bowser, and your— Super Mario sitting on toilet!?

    Here is Mario sitting on a throne of bricks, raising his fist to the sky, shouting with delight. Yup, the same thing we all do when we sit on the toilet all right!

    The people on Twitter were amazed. Delighted. Confused!

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  • As for me, I’ll need more research. I’ll need to figure out what exactly a Super Mario World toilet looks like exactly? I just assumed Mario kept using an empty shell for his tiny Mario poops. Huh! Shows how much I know!

    The man is a plumber after all! Not releasing a toy of him using a toilet just doesn’t make a lick of sense!

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