Twitter Users Wonder What’s the Most Unique Way to Kill a Sim

Twitter user @LipsTaco shared on Twitter the craziest murder story yet — a Sims' murder story.

by Amy Walters

Remember the days of creating a beautiful Sims family, leveling up their skills to the max and being so proud of their every achievement? Only to then lock them in a room and delete the door, or perhaps drown them in the pool by removing the stairs? Such great memories.

Well, Twitter user @LipsTaco shared a very intriguing thread about their Sims experience, which read out of context would leave many very shocked and scared to their very soul.

Due to this, other Twitter users got involved and revealed the very strange, yet interesting ways their Sims characters have been killed off. Check out their stories below:

Although most deaths are due to accidents, such as peeing in front of your crush and dying from embarrassment, or the most common way out in the game and in real life, by sickness and old age, strange ways to die are not an add-on feature to the game. And, there is actually a challenge to see how many weird deaths you can complete in the game, which you can find here.

Whether the makers of Sims are unaware of many ‘normal’ ways to die, or whether they just want to see how sinister people can get, the life simulation game will never fail to make us laugh.

Of course, what would this article be without a compilation of the most hilarious ways to go on the greatest game of all time?

What’s your funniest Sims story? Any unique deaths that are laugh out loud worthy? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.