Netflix Installed THIS Easter Egg To Honor the Late Stan Lee

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The death of Stan Lee has rocked the world of pop culture, as the breath of the man’s influence, already inescapable, took on a sentimental tone as hordes of fans came out and talked about just how much the man meant to them. Netflix took this emotion and gave it a nice spin. Go ahead and search Stan Lee’s beloved catchphrase, “Excelsior” on Netflix. It’s the phrase that he signed his famed Soapboxes with, the phrase that exemplified his excitement in his career — and when you search it you get something lovely.

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Bam! Every project that’s felt Stan Lee’s influence! You get Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 — but also all of the fun and delightful animated Marvel projects that followed in his footsteps. That a possible Oscar contender like Black Panther, and a goofy comedy like Thor Ragnarok can co-exist in the same universe speaks to the incredible breath of the abilities of Stan Lee.

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