New Dumbo Trailer Will Pummel Your Feelings

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The story of Dumbo, the very sad elephant who everyone was a massive piece of garbage to, but then he learned how to fly, is getting the live action treatment from Tim Burton. Now, I used to be so so on live action reboots, but ever since seeing the bananas Poke’mon Detective Pikachu trailer, with its hair adorned Jigglypuff, consider me all in. The teaser some time ago gave us the basics, but the new trailer, full in length, grand in scope, arrogant in reach, elephant filled in spirit. Check it out below, and then we’ll run down the little moments from it that I found– you know, weird, interesting or whatever.

First up, live action Timothy Mouse. In the original animated movie from 1942, Timothy was Dumbo’s voice of confidence, his best friend and parental figure when his mother got taken away. Here, he’s a weird realistic mouse wearing a tiny little circus uniform. I’m not completely sure what role he’s going to serve in this movie, but I will say, I never really had to be confused as to how a mouse put on a circus uniform in the original. Here, it’s all I can consider.

Next up, realistic human children has replaced the crows. I think. The fact that the kids are the one who give Dumbo the feather instead of the crows who, in the original, were black stereotypes. To say the Dumbo crows haven’t aged well is like saying the ocean is damp. You’re getting close, but why scale back the description? We’ll see if Tim Burton does something else with the crows, but for now, we’re kind of glad the crows are gone, right?

Then, we have some of the amazing little clips all throughout the trailer, most promisingly the elephants on parade sequence has been adapted into… something. We just see beautiful spooky pink bubbles as “baby mine” plays in the background. It’s spooky, it’s fantastic, just like the movie will be.

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