New Side Of Miley? Midnight Sky and Tea-Spilling Interview

Brb, adding Midnight Sky to my ‘self love’ playlist
By Liana Bernstein

Miley Cyrus fans must be pretty pleased right about now after all the hype she’s been building for the past week. Today she released her latest song, Midnight Sky, as well as a very tea-spilling episode of Barstool’s Call Her Daddy podcast episode.

We’ll start with the song first. Oh my goodness, the self-love and empowerment in this girl is REAL (although most of us already knew this). This is exactly the anthem we all needed now that we are all leaving our partners after realizing they are trash due to being locked up at home with them all. the. time. Or you know, maybe you just needed a reminder to love yourself and follow your own path. Either way, everyone agrees that Midnight Sky is an anthem that will carry us through the fall. 

The music video is giving us strong 80’s vibes. From Cyrus’s blonde mullet, smokey purple eyeshadow, the disco balls, lots of sparkles and bubble gum, this whole production can be interpreted as a tribute to the 80’s. 

Everyone seems to be loving the calmer, self assured and self loving side of Miley that Midnight Sky evokes.

Speaking of Miley’s self-assured side…

This side of her is reiterated in her interview with Alexandra Cooper for the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Miley spills tea about past relationships, advice for dealing with breakups, trauma, therapy, sexuality and so much more. The episode really left the “daddy gang” floored. 

Well. It left most of the “daddy gang” floored. There will always be haters. 

But in the words of Miley Cyrus, “forget the haters because somebody loves you,” and in this case, it’s yourself. Channeling all of Miley’s self-love vibes to you going into the weekend!