New Strangers Things Trailer Gives Us What We Wanted: Steve Working At The Mall!

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Netflix have released a new teaser trailer for the long-awaited season three of the show that swept everybody off their feet and into the world unknown, Stranger Things. But this time, we’re taking a look into the future – that is the future of summer 1985…

The trailer was released by the Stranger Things official Twitter account and began by giving us an insight into the new ‘Starcourt Mall’ that will be opening in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. The trailer is giving us serious 80’s vibes, with full synth sound effect music in the background, whilst a low-quality recording of a man’s voice gives us details of what the mall has to offer, and it is so totally tubular.

But remember, “Starcourt Mall, has it all” including everybody’s crush, Steve Harrington, who has found a new summer job over in the food court at the mall, in Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. As the advert comes to a close, Steve along with a new character, Robin, make their own, perhaps a little awkward, cameo by greeting Ahoy to new customers who will be visiting the mall.

Fans are absolutely loving the new trailer, especially how many blasts from the past are featured throughout, such as stores that you wouldn’t find around anymore like Waldenbooks and Sam Goody.


But then there’s the Steve Harrington fan club members, who are only obsessing over how the caring character has found himself a job to support his kids like the true mother figure he is.


And then there are the detectives, who have already pointed out some hidden messages featured throughout.

But let’s not forget the true fans of the show, who are probably at home freaking about what crazy adventure the cast will embark on this time and are freeing up their calendars for this time next year, so they will not be disturbed and can binge watch the series like Netflix intends.

Even the Stranger Things official Twitter account got in on the fan girl action…

New character, Robin, who is played by Maya Hawke, will be co-starring alongside the Stranger Things cast in the new season. Although it is still unclear how much screen time the new character will have, and considering that the series hasn’t even started yet, she has already started to gain a loyal fan base.

We are sitting at the edge of our seats and are so unbelievably excited for what this season has to offer. It’s going to one tubular ride of a life time, and we have begun counting down the days until summer 2019!

Are you excited for season three of Stranger Things? What adventures do you reckon the team will experience this time? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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