Peter Dinklage Does A Reddit AMA

  • Peter Dinklage Reddit AMA

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    Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) took to Reddit today to answer questions with fans. For certain amounts, fans can pay for a signed photo, a personalized voicemail or a skype session with him. All of the money he collects is going towards a kickstarter for his two friends, Karyn and Alex, who are working on and indie film about childhood entitled, “Little Feet.”

    Some of the questions that came in spanned from ‘what it’s like filming in Croatia’ to ‘What’s the secret to your hair?’

    He revealed fun tidbits about what it is like behind the scenes of GoT. For instance, Dinklage says the cast likes to strip down and jump in the ocean: “The best part is that at the end of the work day, since it’s very hot there and we’re in these hot costumes — heavy leather and armor — some of us rip off our clothes and just jump right into the sea. Well, not all of our clothes. You know what I mean. But it’s invigoratingly cold, and always a joy.”

    And did you know he and Lena Headey, the actor who plays Cersei Lannister, are good friends in real life? He told Redditors that filming intense scenes together can be difficult, “Sometimes we have to avoid eye contact so we don’t crack up!! It’s funny that sometimes people think with these serious scenes, people think the mood on set is very serious, but sometimes the most serious scenes can produce the most laughter on set.”

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