Vine Jumps On The Social Media Bandwagon, Enhancing The User Experience

  • Vine update

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    Vine launched a new feature yesterday that allows users to track how viral their videos go.

    The social media service now includes a “loop count,” similar to “views” on YouTube. Vine hopes that this new metric will attract more brands — knowing the overall reach will help indicate how well your video is doing.

    The “loop count” isn’t the only new addition Vine made to their service yesterday. You now have the mobile capability to span your video to full screen on your cell phone. The social media service also added milestone alerts, so you get notified every time you reach a certain amount of “loops.”

    This is going to change the game for Vine users and attract a larger following. Today, everyone is social media obsessed and being stat-crazy goes along with the gig. Everyone wants their posts to go viral, and if it doesn’t, the post is irrelevant.

    No one cares about making videos for their family and friends nowadays, it’s all about how many people view it, like it, click on it etc.

    Vine is keeping up with the stat-crazy social media world we live in… and we applaud them for that!

    We’re going to soon see Vine taking over a much larger audience.

  • Introducing Loops: This new counter increases in real time as you and others watch videos on Vine!

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