McDonald’s Really Wants You To Believe That McDonald’s Is Food

  • Remember that pink slime that’s in all your McNuggets and Royales With Cheese? Well, McDonald’s is going to great lengths to tell you that there is NO MORE pink slime in any of their products. Instead, they’ve replaced it with good old fashioned…something.

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    The new McDonald’s PR campaign is called Our Food. Your Questions. It’s intended to put you, the health-conscious consumer, at ease about the actual food content of those McNuggets.

    Grant Imahara, of Mythbusters fame, interviews Rickette Collins, McDonald’s Director of Strategic Supply, to strategically supply us with the knowledge that McDonald’s french fries are basically made out of kale and gluten-free potassium.

    Of course, we know that can’t possibly be true, and McDonald’s, to its credit, is being transparent about some of the unhealthy practices in which it still engages. For example, they admit that their beef contains added hormones, a fact that has been controversial for years.

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    So, yes, McDonald’s will now answer your questions about their food. They will even be honest about the continuing use of antibiotics, which remains one of the biggest health issues in America’s food system.

    Go ahead and ask McDonald’s a question on Twitter.