Don’t Ask Anderson Cooper To Take A Photo With You While He’s Covering A Terrorist Attack

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    There was a horrifying shooting in the Canadian capital of Ottawa yesterday that transfixed North America and sent American reporters from all major news networks flying north. The shooting was the work of a lone gunman and it’s believed that he may have been linked to the Islamic State, the Sunni militant group that has threatened attacks against the west.

    One of the reporters on the scene was CNN’s Anderson Cooper, an international celebrity as well as a great journalist. Another was self-described “aspiring journalist” Vandon Gene, who spotted Cooper at the scene and requested a photo. The above video shows Cooper chastising Gene and calling the move “inappropriate.” Gene responded on Twitter, calling Cooper an “ass.”

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    Gene’s tweet criticizing Cooper has since been removed, and he has issued multiple tweets to apologize.

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    It does not appear that Cooper has accepted the apology.

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