This Is The Bullshit Women Deal With Just Walking Down The Street

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    Shoshana B. Roberts is an actress based in New York City who agreed to be filmed walking for 10 hours wearing jeans and a black crewneck T-shirt. What she encounters are over 100 instances of street harassment, countless damns, hey baby’s, and the intolerable you-should-smile-more’s.

    The video was put together by Hollaback, an organization with the goal of ending street harassment.

    As a guy in his 30s who’s never been spoken to in the street except when being asked for money, it’s pretty mindblowing to see this kind of behavior in effect, and harrowing to think that almost every woman in America has to deal with some variation of this just as they’re going about their day.

    A few months ago, the creator behind Cards Against Harassment began posting videos, documenting the harassment she dealt with every day in downtown Minneapolis.

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    A common misconception is that this behavior is specific to a particular race. But, it’s not a racial problem. It’s a gender problem. It’s not so simple for white guys to pull a #NotAllMen and claim that this is something that minorities need to improve on.

    It’s among all races and it’s bullshit, plain and simple. We’re humans — we’re social creatures. But, that doesn’t give us the right to belittle each other at all, let alone in this incessant manner.

    Let’s live in a world where the Blow-Up Boyfriend wouldn’t actually be useful.

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    UPDATE: Comedian Michael Che posted the following to Instagram on Wednesday in reference to the Shoshana Roberts video. He has since removed both posts.

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    The photo came with the caption “i just saw the catcalling video & i am disgusted.” After receiving a few hours of negative reactions on Instagram and Twitter, Che continued to dig:

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