Anita Sarkeesian On Why Gamergate Is NOT About Ethics In Gaming Journalism

  • Anita Sarkeesian runs the website Feminist Frequency and is one of many targets of rape and death threats from anonymous men in the aftermath of Gamergate. Gawker has a great explanation of what Gamergate is, how it started, what it’s about and what it is NOT about, so if you’re not familiar with the context of this story, go ahead and read that first before watching the video above.

    On The Colbert Report, Sarkeesian deals splendidly with Colbert’s ribbing, and explains how pervasive the current culture of female objectification is in the gaming community. She points out “ethics in gaming journalism” for the red herring it is, and Colbert plays along.

    “What if there was no ethics in Hollywood journalism? If we can’t trust Entertainment Tonight or TMZ, where would we be?”

    Watch the complete episode through the official Colbert Report website.