5 Reasons You Should Vote Today

  • 1. It can actually make a difference

    Basically, if all of the people who thought voting doesn’t make a difference actually voted, it would make a big difference. There are 86 million Millennials in the United States, but a huge chunk of them don’t vote.

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  • 2. There is some really important stuff on the ballot

    State initiatives this year include referendums on abortion, marijuana, guns and health care. These ballot initiatives are often swung by just a few hundred votes and can affect other states and American society in general for generations.

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  • 3. It’ll make you seem like, you know, a grown up

    Remember all that other stuff you couldn’t do until you were an adult? Like see R-rated movies and buy alcohol? You couldn’t wait to do that stuff! But, somehow, voting doesn’t make that list of stuff you’re desperate to do? Don’t get left out, bro.

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  • 4. You can do it from home!

    It’s too late to get your absentee ballot for this election, but search for “vote by mail” with your state and your State Department will have a way for you to sign up for mail-in ballots for future elections.

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  • 5. Lil Jon wants you to

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    This is the joke one. #TURNOUTFORWHAT