There Are No Catcalls In New Zealand

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    The New Zealand Herald performed the walking-down-the-street-catcalling experiment in Auckland, the nation’s largest city, and came up with wildly different results.

    Model Nicola Simpson was filmed by a hidden camera, in the same manner that produced last week’s Shoshana Roberts video. (Can you believe that was only last week?)

    The difference? She receives ZERO catcalls. Only two people spoke to her. One was definitely a dude trying to pick her up, and the other was a guy asking directions (legitimately, it seems). There’s absolutely no “God Bless You Mami,” no “Damn!,” and a complete lack of “you should smile more.”

    What can we infer from this? Clearly, it’s not a male problem specifically, but an AMERICAN male problem. Alright! We’re #1 again! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!