Texas Teacher Fired For Calling People ‘Dumb Duck Ass Crackers” on Twitter

  • Back in November, Duncanville, TX, teacher Vinita Hegwood was having an argument with others on Twitter about events in Ferguson following the Michael Brown verdict. Things got heated, as they often do on Twitter, and here’s what she wrote to her antagonizers:

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    Now, this is par for the course as far as Internet comments go, but if you’re a public school English teacher, that’s different.

    Hegwood has deleted her Twitter account and since offered up her resignation, which the school district rejected. They fired her instead.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

    Now, I’m not defending Hegwood, but I would like to ask. What is a “duck ass cracker” and how does it compare in shock value to other slurs, such as Crisco, Hay Seed, or Honkaloid?