Man Attacks Pregnant Wife With Deadly McChicken Sandwich

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    The man above, Marvin Tramaine Hill II, has been arrested for throwing a McChicken sandwich from McDonalds at his pregnant wife. The Des Moines Register has the chilling news:

    Hill said his wife woke him up around 1 p.m. with a McChicken in hand. He admitted to police that he became upset and threw the sandwich at her, then picked up some of the bun, throwing it at her again.

    He told police that he does not like McChicken sandwiches.

    Domestic violence is not funny, so I don’t want to make light of such a situation. However, McChicken sandwiches are relatively harmless when not ingested, and throwing them is funny, so I am going to fantasize about less serious scenarios where children, politicians and members of the DAR playfully throw mayonnaise-covered McChickens at each other.