‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Killed and Ate His Ex Girlfriend’s Pet Rabbit

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    Source: NY Daily News / Via: NY Daily News

    This is character-thespian Dimitri Diatchenko from Sons of Anarchy, a man who not only sounds and looks like a Bond villain, but also acts like one. This week he took his ex-girlfriend/roommate’s pet rabbit while she was out of the house and proceeded to have a very productive day.

    He decided it was a good idea to take the rabbit, kill it, skin it and then cook it while, obviously, sending the ex-girlfriend pictures of the procedure and threatening to do the same to her. No matter how horrible what he did is, butchering, properly skinning, and then actually cooking and eating an animal from scratch is pretty damn impressive. By the time the woman got home he had eaten half the rabbit. Half of it.

    Needless to say, they no longer live together because after a serious talk, she decided that he should move out. It’s really never easy living with your ex.

    He’s facing up to four years and three months in prison for animal cruelty and making deadly threats, which would probably hurt his career of playing Russian psychopaths more than what he actually did because I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t cast this guy as an insane murderer at this point.