What Is A ‘Vagina Kayak’ And Why Am I Writing About It?

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

    Look at the kayak above. Does it look like a vagina? If it does, then Megumi Igarashi has been successful. She’s used a 3D printer to scan her genitalia and print the whole thing out as a big kayak.

    That’s weird, to be sure, but in Japan, it’s actually illegal.

    Images of genitals are prohibited in Japanese film and artwork…which is why all that Japanese porn you’re watching has blurred out vaginas and penises. Yeah, it’s weird. They’re allowed to watch all the porn they want as long as they don’t get a good look at the naughty bits.

    Igarashi agrees with everyone outside of Japan and the Middle East that this is stupid. “I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene,” she told The Japan Times.

    More from NPR:

    Igarashi, 42, is also known by the name of Rokudenashiko, Japanese slang that is often translated as “reprobate child.” She had reportedly offered to send the kayak data to the biggest donors to a crowdfunding campaign that supported her project to build the boat.

    All this is to say that Japan better grow the fuck up and allow its citizens to look at penises and vaginas. A 3D print-out of a vagina, which doesn’t even really look like a vagina, would be a good first step.