The 7 Most Offensive Tweets Of 2015 (So Far)

  • 1. Bryan Fischer

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    Fischer is Director of Issue Analysis at the American Family Association which means he thinks abortions are worse than anything else you can think of, and way worse than anything involving minorities, since ya know they’re all on easy street.

  • 2. The University of Maine

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    In response to a tweet that read, “#AmericaInFiveWords Country founded on genocide, enslavement.”, the official Twitter account of University of Maine Parking Services tweeted “move. out. of. my. country.” The tweet was quickly removed, but not before the person behind that account who mistakenly made the tweet outed themselves as a horrible, horrible bigot.

    Note: In the original version of this post, the heading incorrectly read “University of Maryland.” We regret the error, but we’re not going to let it ruin our weekend.

  • 3. Everyone who legitimately doesn’t know who Paul McCartney is

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    Most of the “Who da fuk dis Paul McCarthy” tweets were trolls, but I picked one that I think is real. It’s offensive. I’m old. That’s the gist of it.

  • 4. Ngao na Mlinzi

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    To be fair, this tweet and anagram was shared a bunch by #tcot’s in 2014, but Ngao na Mlinzi retweeted it today, so I may now include it.

  • 5. Peeping Dave

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    It’s a racist fart joke. Actually, it’s a joke about how someone else was being racist. So I guess that person Peeping Dave was standing next to in an elevator is more responsible for this one.

  • 6. @MegansTwitt

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    Note: Several readers have written to us that this is a quote from Mary Poppins and should thus not be considered offensive. Our response is twofold: 1) Just because something is from an old Disney movie does not make it non-offensive. May I submit Song of the South. 2) Sugar is a major contributor to the prevalence of child obesity in America. Sugary drinks like juice and soda make up about 10% of Americans’ daily caloric intake. Should we really be adding even more sugar to the American diet? We say no, especially in the form of “medicine.” Offensive status confirmed!

  • 7. @LanaDailyy

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  • UPDATE: Robert Stacy McCain Wins, I Think.

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    What a shit.