2 Chainz Puts Nancy Grace In His Pipe And Smokes Her

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    The above video is one of those great moments when cultures clash and we all get to witness it. And no, I’m not just talking white woman/black man. I’m talking about paranoid, crime-fighting sea monster Nancy Grace vs. Tity Boi, Playaz Circle founding member, and disturber of tha peace 2 Chainz.

    The two discuss the legalization of marijuana. Grace argues that marijuana has been found among people who have, at one point, possibly committed crimes. By that logic, steering wheels should also be banned, but hey. 2 Chainz argues that the specific case Grace mentions involves alcohol as well, so…

    But enough about the argument. The most infuriating part of this debate is the not-so-subtle racism. Grace expresses SHOCK that 2 Chainz had a 4.0 GPA at Alabama State University, and even went there on a basketball scholarship. But….why? Because he’s a rapper? Because he’s black? She doesn’t specify.

    At any rate, put down that sales report and watch this whole thing now. To be blunt, it’s amazing. (PUN INTENDED I MADE A JOKE FUNNY FUNNY)